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As Living room or hall interior designers in Hyderabad, our creators examine your need, the setup of your home, the insides you need, and improve structure that is a class separated along with global styles and artistry. Most of our active time at the houses happens in the living room. We provide TV Units, Partitions, Pooja Units, Crockery Units, and Chest of Draws in various styles and designs matching your personal choice, interest and budget to transform your spaces into the home of your dreams.

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Choose loose furniture that is proportionate to the room size - sofa, chairs, etc. Good lighting can either visually enlarge your room or make it dark as per your preference. Add mirrors in your decor to create an illusion of bigger space. Free up enough space for air circulation and smooth flow. Allocate your budget between must-haves and wants. Remember the 80/20 rule on interiors vs. design. Decide on a theme first, then choose an appropriate colour palette and other elements such as material, finish, decor.

living room walls with decor, art/ painting, mirrors, murals, wallpaper, wall paint or wall textures, shelves, a vertical garden with indoor plants, objects or mount that TV set!

Small living rooms require that saves space. To utilise small living rooms well consider leg-free pieces of furniture and attach units directly to the wall. We are talking about wall mounted shelves. Also opt for tables with lean exposed legs and tight-back sofas as they are friendlier in spaces that are small.

A living room can be made to look beautiful in multiple ways. Apart from decor, artwork, paintings and furnishings other elements like lighting fixtures, flooring, wall paint/ textures, ceiling design and furniture play an important role in beautifying a space. Also, how you place and arrange everything together makes all the difference too.

Some of the best colours for a living room include: Orange in shades of cinnamon, terracotta or rus Deep reds ,green, pink Violet, plum, Grey Ink blue with subtle green undertones.